Folder Savers

from 2.00

Are you tired of folders breaking at the top seam?

Do you want professional looking "Homework" and "Classwork" labels that don't fall off or get dirty?

We have the solution!!!!  Our labels are cut from premium adhesive backed vinyl and will outlast the life of the folder. Use on new folders to make them durable and long lasting. Use on old folders to repair and refresh the look!
       Available in Math blue and Reading orange.

Order "Clear" top support labels to add additional support when used with torn folders. Clear labels do not come with "Homework/Classwork" labels.

   3 Kit options available, enough for 10, 30, or 60 folders.

Color coded top labels (blue or orange)

Matching "Classwork" and "Homework" labels (blue or orange)

Name Tag Insert sheet (perforated) for every 15 folders.

Buy the 3 pack or 6 pack, good for 30 folders ($0.50 per folder) or 60 folders ($0.45 per folder)


Additional Info

Top labels attach to the back of folder and come in two widths depending on whether you have the older folders or the newer folders. Newer folders have "2014" or "2016" stamped on them.

"Classwork" and "Homework" labels are ~1/2"H x 3"L


We can customize folder labels to suit your needs. Just drop us an email at