Folder Name Tags

IF your average length of stay is over a year, you may not need replacement name tag inserts. However,  for most of us, these folders will probably be used for more than one student. But they only give you one name card insert!


Name Card Insert

You get one insert and we usually hand write the student name. Some may use a label maker, but the cartridges are expensive and it's hard to customize if we want to put additional information on the card.


We use quality card stock

Our sheets are scored for easy separation. Just download the Insert Template, fill in the information that you want and print on your laser or inkjet printer.


Download our template for easy printing

Use Word to edit the inserts for your needs. Put as much or as little information as you want. Then print on our custom perforated card stock. Each insert is the same size as the original insert that comes with the folder.


Sheets are scored for easy separation

Bend the sides back and reinforce crease with your fingers. Starting with the right side, tear away the excess borders first. Then bend the remaining inserts and carefully tear apart. If needed, use a scissor to clean any untidy edges.


A clean finished look!

Never miss the opportunity to make a great first impression. A clean, organized, professional look will speak volumes to both parents and students. Use our color dots to help speed up internal preparation and center flow.